About us

About us

Schuman & Co is a boutique law firm based in Modi’in, Israel, with extensive experience providing comprehensive legal solutions to individual and commercial clients both in Israel and abroad, with a special emphasis on high-tech and technology clients.

With strong international experience and attorneys admitted both in Israel and the United States, our firm represents and serves as general counsel for businesses of all types and sizes, ranging from local start-ups to leading multi-national corporations

In today’s global economy, multi-disciplinary professional counsel, combining complex legal matters with business and financial insight, is imperative to success. At Schuman & Co. we take pride in being more than just lawyers. We are trusted business advisors to our clients, devoted to achieving results and value

One of our advantages as a boutique firm is the ability to provide a personalized service, enabling us to understand each and every client’s unique needs. Our attorneys, including the firm’s founder and managing partner Barry Schuman, are open, approachable and accessible, diligently granting our esteemed clients the highest quality service in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Tel: +972-581-3760 | Fax: +972-581-5432

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