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Labor and Employment

At Schuman & Co. we provide our clients with a broad range of expertise in all matters related to employment and labor laws, policies and procedures, offering practical advice on the dynamic legal aspects of a corporate workplace.

We counsel our clients with employment related questions and issues, including: preparation of employment agreements, consulting agreements, manpower agreements, separation agreements, outsourcing agreements, non-compete and secrecy agreements, advising on employment matters for financial transactions, executive compensation arrangements, labor-related IP matters, including breaches of employee non-disclosure agreements, non-competition or non-solicitation agreements and matters involving rights to inventions and patents, labor-related taxation, employee benefits and equity based plans (option plans), and employee privacy rights.

Our representation includes senior management, officers, and employees in a wide range of labor disputes.

We are committed to preventative law, with a view to reducing the risks and costs associated with litigation, while at the same time enabling our clients to receive all the rights and benefits they are entitled to.

We have extensive experience both in the Israeli Labor Court and with arbitration and mediation proceedings.

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